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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Master thesis X

I just realized recently that in today’s world with the omnipresence of Facebook blogging has become obsolete. There is no interaction (apart of the possibility to leave a comment), there is no access control, and there is no large public; just to name a few flaws. So I might consider stopping this experiment after 5 years, especially as it covered my studies and this chapter of my life will as well come to an end. A few years ago, blogging was a means to give friends in other countries the possibility to see what I was up to, where I was travelling and a way to share my pictures. Today, these things are exchanged at Facebook. It’s easier, faster and without time delay. With the success of the iPhone I can stay connected all the time with over 500 people in my network. Now, I don't carry my camera all the time, because the iPhone has also a camera, and I can upload these pictures in real-time to Facebook. Besides, most of my international friends, which were the main readers here, joined Facebook as well. So I'm sorry for those that still were reading my contributions. The last 5 years were a great time! I made many friends for life, travelled to many places, did a lot of sport and besides I tried to get good grades at university. I would not want to miss a single moment of the last 5 years, as even the bad moments make you stronger and most of all, these are moments you learn a lot from. As I read through my blog, I sometimes have to smile, because of the things I wrote.. And that's good. Because it shows that I have grown and have gotten wiser. And that's it all about: Life is dynamic - So Far!


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Facebook liebt Dich doch au!!


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