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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Master thesis VIII

I got the sad feeling that summer is already over. Most of the days it was pretty cold in August and it rained a lot. However, that didn't prevent me from having a great time! It started when we went to see Inception in cinema. I frankly have to admit that I was positively surprised! It was thrilling right till the end! The next day we celebrated the Swiss national holiday at Sommerlust where we had brunch and later enjoyed the day on the terrace of Kai's place right above the Rhine. The next week I was on my way home after a good workout in the gym, when my iPhone rang. I spontanously decided to join Peter and Marie for dinner and a drink first at Güterhof and then at Haberhaus. It was a pretty funny evening! The next days the weather turned bad and I used the time to write on my thesis, but as soon as the sun came out again I was too! I met Thomas at 0815, where we decided to get some sushi at Globus, so we walked all the way up to Bellevue where we enjoyed the last sunrays at the edge of Lake Zurich. As we were deeply absorbed in talks about architecture, we decided to have a drink at Rimini Bar, which is a cozy spot in an open air pool with a great atmosphere! The next day was rainy again, and Sophie, Sophia, Silvan and I were going to the open air Orange Cinema to watch Same Same But Different. As it was cold and rainy all night, we had some warm Asian food from Nagasui, a perfect fit with the movie! After the film was over, we walked back to Bellevue where Paul Kalkbrenner was performing his tracks from the Berlin Calling album! I completely forgot to mention all the delicious dinners and cooking sessions with Lea, Lara and Livia. It's always a pleasure!
Besides I got an email from my former supervisor of my high school final thesis. He wanted to inform me, that my work was cited in a recent publication and my research results are now more or less public in the scientific world. After a short email conversation I decided to write a manuscript that will allow me to publish my work in a scientific journal, so that the results become completely public. Hope to finish that during September and October.
Then, I went to see the athletics meeting Weltklasse Zurich at the new Letzigrund stadium in Zurich. It was a great night with big stars! However, I had to head home soon after as I had to catch the 6AM train to Zurich and then to Milano the next day! And in Milano summer was back! It was about 30°C warm and the sun was shining all day! The only problem was that most Italians were in vacation, so many small shops and restaurants were closed. We thus had to be satisfied with Abercrombie & Fitch and Diesel. Besides we went to see some architecture highlights, such as the Università Bocconi, designed by Grafton Architects in 2008. For dinner and drinks we can recommend the streets around Alzaia Naviglio Grande! We've been at Officina 12 (Alzaia Naviglio Grande 12), which was superb, but there are many more! I was literally living a life on the road these days, working on my notebook in the train, eating in between and traveling from meeting to meeting and from appointment to appointment! But it was well worth it!


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