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Lucien de Rubempré

Monday, July 19, 2010

Master thesis VII

The weather in July was just superb and made up the cold and rainy weather in May and middle of June. One evening I went swimming with Sophie and Marcus in the Limmat and afterwards we went to eat Indian at a small place called Bombay Bar. Last week I was at Utoquai again with Sophie and we went swimming in the Lake of Zurich. It was just great, the scenery with the old majestic buildings at the lakefront, the old French-style bath and the warm lake. It almost felt as having holidays. This weekend I went to see Brothers at the Orange Openair Cinema right at the lake in Zurich. The ambiance was stunning, having the lake just in front of you, and all the glimming lights on the shores. I really enjoyed that evening and actually I wanted to see Same, same but different in August, but all tickets were already sold out. Before going to see the movie, Thomas, Sandra, Simone and I went to eat Libanese at Palme de Beirut (Bertastrasse 76), which was very delicious, even though we were quite full in no time. A propos dining: I went to eat pizza at Pizzeria Romana in Schaffhausen with Michael another evening. It was bloody hot that day, around 35°C and as we had our table outside, but with rain protection, we were pretty happy that a thunderstorm came up and the heat receded a bit.
At the beginning of July, I had a one week quality management course at ETH with a final exam at the end. The exam went well and after a workout at the gym I went to Tobias and Säde’s new place in Zürich, where we had apéro on the rooftop. All in all we were 9 people and before it was getting dark we walked to the lake to watch the firework of the Züri Fäscht. The rest of the night we spent walking around, talking to people we met (I met Karin who was with me in Rome for the McKinsey workshop). Besides, I was several times at the Rentenwiese, a cosy place in a botanical park with direct access to the lake. Sometimes it’s hard to find a free spot, but if you succeed it’s certainly gonna be a nice evening with your friends. Then I’ve been at the new Gran Café Motta (Limmatquai 66) together with Lea after she finished her studies (a moment that will come for me as well pretty soon). And I once met the infamous Carl Hirschmann in front of the Corso cinema at Bellevue in Zurich. Seems that he's not allowed to leave Switzerland.


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Shiying said...

Hi Adrian,

I am looking for a company to do my intership and master thesis next year and I am particularly interested to work in a fragrance industry. May I know who do you contact to request for intership with Givaudan?

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Adrian said...

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