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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Master thesis VI

For all frequent readers I'm very sorry that I didn't updated you on what I did recently. I was up to so many things upon my return from Asia. I will write bit by bit about that amazing trip as soon as I have more time. But let's start chronologically. When I arrived back in Switzerland, the weather was sweet and spring showed off its full beauty for some days. I went to Konstanz to meet Lea's sister Claudia for breakfast and some ice cream at Aran. As my birthday was arriving at that time, I invited some friends to a little apéro (which was bigger than I thought) at my place. I pretty much enjoyed that evening and would like to thank everyone that contributed to its success.
The rest of the days I worked on my thesis at Givaudan, had interesting talks to experts from the USA and a few days ago my professor came for a visit and I'm convinced the whole project will eventually come to a good end. My supervisors already talk about a possible publication which would be great, for me at least. I did quite a bit of sports, went to the gym three times a week, went jogging and cycling and I think I'm getting slowly but surely in shape for the summer. To do something for the intellect, I read "Tender Is The Night" by F. Scott Fitzgerald and after finishing once again his classic "The Great Gatsby".
This week I went to Hiltl in Zurich for an afterwork dinner with Kai. It was a warm and sunny evening and after dinner we enjoyed a drink at James Joyce before we, a bit tired already, took the train back to town. The day after, I had another appointment at Yooji's at Bellevue to eat sushi. Actually I would say that my culinary pleasures were pretty much satisfied as I also went to eat at Il Boccone and at Deli in Konstanz. As the weather was still good on the weekends, we had BBQs at Kai's new place and once Thomas and I had a nice evening at his place. At Livia's place, to be more precise on her balcony, we enjoyed a great farfalle with tiger prawns dinner. And I almost forgot to mention that I already took a swim in Lake Constance a week ago, when we went to the spa in Konstanz.


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