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Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Master thesis V

The pictures I posted are still the ones I made in Rome as I don't have any newer ones. Though, soon I will be able to post new exciting pictures: Kai and I fixed the dates for the trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Exactly in one week we will be on a non-stop Swiss flight to the Pu Dong Airport in Shanghai. The Expo 2010 opened today with a spectacular opening ceremony and 350'000 visitors. I'm pretty much interested what the Swiss Pavillon has to offer. Besides, I have the opportunity to visit Givaudan in Shanghai! My supervisor made the suggestion that he could ask our team members in Shanghai for a meeting at their site. I can now spend half a day at their location, get an insight in ongoing projects and see the modern facilities which are one of the most modern in the flavor industry globally!
On May 16th Shanghai Airline will bring us to HK, were I am supposed to meet Nozomi, a girl I once met at Starbucks in Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. The last day we will spend in Macau, which was once a Portuguese colony and is now one of the richest cities in China and in the world. Can't wait to see these cities!

Besides, as spring definitely came, I went running, cycling and to the gym almost on a daily basis. I feel in good shape and a few hours prior to my departure to Shanghai I will run my stretch for the SOLA race in Zurich. Again I will run all the way up to the Uetliberg, which equates to 420m height difference. Last weekend I already did a test run from Schaffhausen to Merishausen, a village outside in the green hills. I run that distance once every year, but I was never as fast as this time!
Talking about sports, I read Dwain Chambers' autobiography called Race Against Me. It's pretty impressive and Dwain confesses everything of his past life with enhancing drugs.

As we already had temperatures of more than 25°C, Thomas and Sandra invited for a short BBQ last Thursday. A week before I was invited to a birthday dinner at Lea's place in Zurich, where we also had BBQ and a very delicious dinner! Yesterday I went to a small restaurant in Schaffhausen, called Wii am Rii. It's just a few steps from the edge of the Rhine. The atmosphere was great and the food very delicious. If you want to know more ask me or read the critics by clicking on the link.


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