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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vietnam III

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel Silvan got a motorbike and Sophie and I hired two bicycles. So we were much faster in town and were able to discover the beach further down. One resort is located a bit north towards Da Nang, called The Nam Hai. Click on the link to see some pictures, it's just an awesome place. For most readers Vietnam most sound rather poor, but there you have pure luxury. The infinity pool is just a masterpiece!
Soon we were a bit tired of the beach at our hotel, so we made a little beach walk to the Golden Sand Resort & Spa. There we enjoyed the whirl pool, relaxed at the infinity pool and had a club sandwich for lunch. Actually we spent the rest of the day there, until the sun disappeared and left the sky in a beautiful afterglow. Then we had a short ride back to our resort and enjoyed a good book on the patio right at the river. Just brilliant!

The next day we again took the bikes and drove along the sea, which was pretty rough that day. We stoped at a little spot for a coffee and soon later we had to return as we had organized a driver that should bring us to Hue in the north. We payed him 50 US-Dollar for the five hours ride in a private car. On the way north we had to go over the Hai Van Pass. The twisting road on the pass has long been a challenge for many Vietnamese drivers. However, since the completion of Hai Van Tunnel, traffic flow and safety have improved. We could have used the tunnel as well, but we went for the beautiful views you was supposed to have. Unfortunately we had slight rain und the visibility was not that good.


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