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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singapore III

The next day we took a taxi to Chinatown and visited all the markets there. It's again another face of Singapore, quite a contrast to all the shopping malls at Orchard Road, that we've seen so far. In Chinatown you'll find hundreds of exotic fruits and foods, and the characteristic smell, that you can find also in the Chinatwon in New York or elsewhere. We eat at a nearby food stall and got rice, chicken and some chinese vegetables. Again it was bloody cheap. In the afternoon we soon had to be ready to go to the Airport as our flight to Ho Chi Minh CIty with Tiger Airways was scheduled at around 4PM. Unfortunately, we were at the Budget Terminal, where there's not much to do. And even worse, our flight was more than an hour late.

After the trip to Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur, we came back to Singapore for a day. This is now not in chronolocial order anymore, but it perfectly fits into this post. As I went to Kuala Lumpur only by myself, I took the MRT from Changi to the Harbour Front station. From there I took the Sentosa Monorail to get to the island Sentosa. We agreed on meeting at the beach, at Cafe del Mar, upon my return. I left my luggage at the airport, but I had my shorts with me. As we all were hungry we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. As it was a rather expensive one, we changed clothes in a toilet, so that we at least were wearing trousers. The sashimi was delicious, so was the miso soup. As it was our last evening before returning to Switzerland, we went to rooftop bar Loof (331 North Bridge Road) for a farewell drink. This appealingly eccentric rooftop bar is a playful space. The people who gather there and the mood manage to be achingly hip without being overly pretentious. As we had a direct view on the Raffles Hotel, probably the most famous hotel in Singapore, we thought about going there as well. However, the bar was crowded with tourists, so we left immediately.

Now, the next post is about the trip to Vietnam!


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