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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Vienna Again III

We started our last day with shopping. We first went to the Energy store right across the street. I considered buying a jacket, but then found that there must be something better. What I bought afterwards was not a jacket but a Puma bag, that I found in the Puma store on Mariahilferstrasse. As we got up without breakfast, we were pretty hungry and decided to immediately have lunch somewhere. And again, we went to the NENI at Naschmarkt were I had a very tasty caesar salad with grilled chicken breast. It was surely over 30°C and sitting there was pure beach feeling, so we decided to go to the Danube river in the evening. But before we went seeing the Rathaus and the nearby Votivkriche. In Vienna you need to drink Café as much as you can, because it's really delicious, comparable with Paris, even slightly better. So we went to the Café Central (Herrengasse 14), that was founded in 1868 and where Trotzky used to play chess and Loos designed his works.

Loaded with caffein, we took the metro to the Vienna International Centre, which lies just north of the river Danube. In the evening sun, the high-rise buildings looked pretty majestic. Anyway, we took the bus and after a short ride, we were at the Vienna City Beach! It was great relaxing in the evening sun on the sunloungers with chillout music playing in the background, right at the shores of the Danube. I felt far away, felt the summer, and was happy!

For dinner a friend recommended the restaurant Oswald&Kalb (Bäckerstrasse 14) with modern viennese cuisine. However, we didn't know where it was and so we were lucky that I had my PowerBook with me. So we just went to Starbucks for a coffee and used the WiFi hotspot and google maps to get the location. The self made chanterelle ravioli and the pecorino cheese on green salad were again superb. We thought about going to the nearby Buddha Bar for a drink, but decided to go home first and take a shower to get ready for the nightlife. At that time the Impulstanz Festival Lounge was located at Novomatic Forum at Karlsplatz. The whole bohemian socity of Vienna seemed to be there! It was pretty cool and we even knew the DJ that was performing at today's Deep Down and Discofied. However, we soon left and checked out the Fluc and the Volksgarten, but we were not quite satisfied. So we eventually ended again in the Passage.

And that was our trip to Vienna. The next morning we had to get up quite early to get the train back to Zurich...


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