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Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Vienna Again II

The next day we slept a bit longer than usual, as we did not have much sleep in the train and the previous evening was over pretty late. First we went to the Café Sperl (Gumpendorferstrasse 9) where we had coffee, read some newspapers and later decided to have lunch. So I ordered a Erdäpfel-Vogerl salad with roasted duck stripes. We then continued our sightseeing tour for Schloss Schönbrunn. In April I visited the interior of the Hofburg, this time it was the interior of Schönbrunn. However, the audioguide did not reveal much more than it had at Hofburg. The next stop was the Hundertwasserhaus and the KunstHaus, both designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The first one I’ve already seen, this time we had coffee in the Café on the terrace. The KunstHaus was rather unspectacular, so we just had a short rest there.

For dinner we were pretty late, and some restaurants already ran out of menus, but eventually we found a restaurant that had still open. Then we walked to the museumsquartier that was pretty crowded. They have some cozy seats called Enzi, and you barely found a place to sit. We had a drink at the outdoor bar before a girl group celebrating a wedding-eve party came along. They were pretty funny, and they were not expecting to find two swiss guys there. After relaxing at the MQ in the warmth of this lovely summer evening, we decided to go clubbing. We went to the Passage that hosted the Club Fusion that night with techhouse. The crowd was rather snoby with men almost only wearing dress shirts and beautiful long leged girls with high-heels that all seemed to be overdressed slightly. Anyway, the party was great and we danced all night long!


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