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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Monday, July 27, 2009

Restart VI

I spent an awesome weekend up in the mountains! I already announced that trip in previous posts, now we put that in action. Urs, Livia, a friend of hers and my humble self met on Saturday morning in Zurich where we took the train heading along Lake Zurich for Glarus, the hometown of Urs. When he was studying Food Science, he used to commute every day, but now as banker he lives amidst Zurich at sizzling Schaffhauserplatz. He bought some breakfast and we enjoyed the journey up to his place. There we wandered up to a alp hut that belongs to the family of his. Just a few days before a helicopter brought fresh food, gas and water up there. After a few hours of climb in the steep terrain, we arrived and we were to find an amazing view of the Alps and the Klöntalsee down in the valley. As there were still some clouds covering the sun, the ascending was pretty comfortable. As we were hungry we cooked two packs of spaghetti with a delicious tomato sauce and mango and banana pieces with chocolate cream as dessert. With a glass of wine, the evening was perfect! Thank to the iPhone we even had access to the internet and could play music all night long. And for the romantically minded among you, the sky up there at night is just awsome! I'm no ignorant and also watch the stars back down in Schaffhausen, but sorry, I never saw so many stars as I saw up there! And Livia and I even saw a shooting star dashing across the beautiful sky! However, the night was bloody cold so we were happy to find some blankets in the hut.

When we woke up in the morning a fabulous blue sky waited for us! We had breakfast with everything you could imagine, really! We enjoyed the sun, relaxed on the sunloungers, listened to good music, got tanned and eventually decided to take a bath in the nearby creek that was following its path down the valley. It costed quite an effort to get the whole body into the bloody cold water, but it was so refreshing! After the descent, we had another bath in the Klöntalsee, which was not much warmer. But again, with an ice cream in one hand, it was pure pleasure! The evening we spent at Urs' place where his parents prepared dinner for all of us. Tired but filled with joy, we took the train back to Zurich and said good bye.

Besides, last sunday I went to eat ice cream with Michael and we planned a trip to Belgium in late fall. And most important of all, I'm going to Vienna this week! But this time I'll take the night train on Wednesday evening and will spend the weekend in that beautiful city! Actually we wanted to go to Stockholm, London or Berlin, but as it was rather short-term, there were no cheap flights. So we just came up with the idea to go to Vienna!
Together with Urs and Livia, I plan to go to London anyway somewhen in September... Amazing!


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