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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Restart V

Don't know where to begin! :-) This past week was just great! I did so many things, met so many people, had so many good talks, made so many new plans. I'm just happy!
Let's start with this week. On monday I only had a workout in the evening and finished Balzac's "Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes" which I started reading in April, but because of the exams and everything else that I was up to, I could not continue. Now I'm reading "The Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald, which is set in New York and hopefully it helps to get into the NYC feeling! Anyway, on tuesday I worked until 5:30PM and then went to a friends apartment in Zurich for a glass of wine. As he offered the wine, I offered a Tuorta da nusch, the engadinian nut cake. With these appetizers as basis, we had good talks about architecture and our future jobs and the ever-existing questions of how important the salary is. I had to leave pretty soon after, as I went to see Ice Age 3 together with Livia and Urs. We met in front of the Abaton cinema at Escher-Wyss-Platz, where you can see the movie in 3D. This was pretty funny, as you have to wear some stupid-looking glasses.

That night a enormous thunderstorm swept over Zurich and Schaffhausen. When I went to bed, I could see lightnings all over the sky. And in the morning I again woke up because of the thunder that echoed through the city. On wednesday I went to the gym in Zurich and then intended to relax a bit at home. But a friend called and asked if I'd join him for a drink at Güterhof. Of course I could not turn down that offer! The next day the sun came out again and it was pretty hot. So I went swimming in the Rhine with Jonathan and his friends and after that cooling we enjoyed the evening with a nice BBQ. On friday it rained the whole day, ceaselessly. I intended to meet Sophie, and as the weather was that bad, we immediately went to see "Alle Anderen" at the cinema Riffraff. I really liked the film, and Sophie even knows the main character Lars Eidinger personally. After the movie we went to eat at Lily's just around the corner at Langstrasse 197. I can fully recommend the Red Thai Curry and the Edamame, they were just delicious! Before I went back home, we had a drink at the Riffraff bar, which is pretty cozy and invites you to relax on the couches.

Yesterday I went out with some girls from Unilever. We met at Haberhaus, where we already had a drink a week ago. I have to admit, that were two pretty funny evenings! And it was always fairly late when I was at home. Besides Ulli, also an intern at Unilever, studied in Vienna and she now asks her former professor for any open master topics. If there is something interesting I might go to Vienna next year! :-) If this doesn't work, then I try to get a project in the United States or any other country. And if it's too difficult to find something abroad, then I try to find a project in the industry in Switzerland. That would enlarge my network in Switzerland and maybe open another door.


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