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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Restart IV

Wow! I'm just sitting outside in front of my place and drop this lines while watching the fabulous summer evening sky! That's just the end of a great day! After a workout in the morning, I went to Zurich to get the Lonely Planet New York City guide and check out some shoe stores because it's time for new ones. But as I got my shoes from all over the world, I guess I'll wait until I'm in New York. Anyway, after shopping I went to the Letten where I met Carlina (beautiful name, isn't it?) and after a bath in the Limmat we went to the mercado mundial, which is a market at the Latin Festival Caliente with lots of culinary specialties, exotic drinks and good music. As she had to work in the evening we went back to the mainstation where we caught our trains. Back at home I met Kai for a drink at Güterhof.

And now I'll tell you what we planned: On thursday evening, after I came back from Zurich, we all sat together at Oberhof and discussed all opportunities we had for trips around the world. First we intended to go to Copenhagen by car, then we thought about going to Croatia for a week, as we could have stayed there for free. But then Kai came up with the idea to go to New York! And that's what we are going to do! But not only that, we will combine that with a roadtrip to Montreal in Canada. There would even be the possibility to go to Toronto and then see the Niagara Falls while driving back to New York. We intend to stay approximately one week in New York and the rest we'll be heading north!

And I also have another trip in my mind. On thursday I went swimming in the Letten with Livia and Urs. By the way: It's just so refreshing and relaxing to do that after work. Urs then had the superb idea to buy some meat for a BBQ at his place. And with a glass of wine, we decided to go to Den Haag/NED for a weekend, most likely plus a friday so that we have more time to spend there.

On wednesday I went to eat at Tiffins together with my cousins. This is an asian restaurant in the vibrant Seefeld area located at Seefeldstrasse 61. They have a very delicious selfmade Ice Tea which definitely got my recommendation! Besides, it was very nice to see my cousins again. Actually they are also studying in Zurich but I do not see them very often. Unfortunately.


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