My Life - So Far

"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Internship VI

Merry Christmas and a happy 2009!
In retrospective this year was just great! I spent a wondeful time together with Valentina, in summer we went to her hometown in Italy and travelled to Paris in autumn, I finished my bachelor studies with a 5.75, found an internship at Unilever, exactly what I wanted.
This were only the most impressing things but there were so many other fantastic and exeptional experiences. Just imagine a warm spring day sitting in the garden, basking in the sun with a good book and the sweet flower odor around you. Or daydreaming at the edge of the Rhine, watching the water pass by and by with your girlfriend in your arms... This moments are invaluable! In this spirit: Have a happy new year!


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