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Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Internship III

Yesterday I went to see the italian movie Gomorra at the Kiwi Scala cinema together with my co-worker Marcel and Christoph. The movie deals with the Camorra, the mafia-like criminal organization in the region of Campania and shows a grim picture of the suburbs in Napoli, Italy. Around 50% of the business is in the hand of the Camorra, and 4000 murders in the past 30 years have been carried out by the Mafia. It kind of reminded me of City of God, set in the poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Both movies are highly worth seeing!

On Tuesday I went to eat out with the people from Unilever at a small hidden restaurant in Stockach/GER. It was more due to the fact that we have a lot of Germans in our office than due to the cheaper prices. Almost the whole time I was talking with a former chef, who has been cooking in many different countries and has seen a lot of the world. Besides, the internship is very interesting. I'm working on four different projects and got to know all processes and administrative problems that can evolve during the development phase.

As I now earn more money as before when I only worked part-time, I bought a new white 2.1 GHz MacBook! The old PowerBook was getting too slow and I was running out of storage space.

Apropos eating, I will invite some friend at my place to eat a delicious Raclette in a few weeks. Just send me a text message if you want to join us! :-)
Moreover, I read an article about the restaurant Schlössli Wörth, located directly at the Rhine falls. The rating was pretty good, so I might check it out soon!


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