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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Monday, October 06, 2008

Murano Resort V

Before we went out for dinner yesterday evening, we went to the Tour Montparnasse, where we bought a ticket for the elevator to the 56th floor. There we had to walk up another 3 floors to be on the rooftop on 210m. It was extremely windy up there and pretty difficult to take pictures. Nevertheless we managed to make a few good shots! As I mentioned before, we went out for dinner afterwards. Actually we planned to eat senegalese in the restaurant Nouveau Paris-Dakar, but unfortunately we noticed to late that most restaurants in Paris close on sundays! According to the Lonely Planet a thai restaurant was supposed to be open. Its name was Aux 3 Eléphants, rue Tiquetonne. The rest you can read in the internet or in the Lonely Planet! :-)

This morning we had our pain au chocolate and the coffee and tea respectively at the same place as yesterday. As the sun was shining, we walked past the boulevards and discovered a little nice café called De La Ville Café at Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelles. There we drank a Jus de Litchi before we took the metro to l'Arc de Triomphe. We took a few pictures and walked along the Champs-Elysées.


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six day, no new post.
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