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Lucien de Rubempré

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Murano Resort I

On the road again! Today we boarded an aircraft from Geneva to Paris. After a very short flight we landed in Paris Orly, took the train to Paris Central and then a taxi to the Murano Urban Resort! It's a deluxe design hotel in the Marais district of Paris, with everything you can dream of! As soon as you arrive the concierge takes your baggage, they show you around the bar, the lounge and the restaurant.

Then they lead you upstairs to your room where you have to register your fingerprint, as you do not have a key. You just press your finger on a little field next to the door. Then you have a big Bang & Olufsen DVD and CD player as well as Grundig toilet interior. The rest is all brand new design. The table, the chairs, the bed, everything! You can even change the color of the room from green to blue to yellow to red... I'm just sitting in front of the DVD screen on the wall writing this post on my Apple Powerbook. Live blogging, actually!

In this post some pictures of the bath in our room. It's held completely in black and with with silver fittings. Even the toilet paper is black!


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