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Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Italy III

A few minutes ago Usain Bolt set an unbelievable world record in 9.69 in the 100m olympic final in Beijing! Asafa Powell, whose former world record of 9.77 I've seen live at the Weltklasse in Zurich, didn't even win a medal. Second was Richard Thompson of Trinidad & Tobago in 9.89 and third Walter Dix of the United States of America in 9.91. I clearly remember the olympic final in Atlanta in 1996, when Donovan Bailey set a new world record of 9.84, and now we are at 9.69! Unbelievable!

But back to a new story about my stay in Italy. One evening we went to a kart racecourse, near Porto Cesareo. I've never drove kart before, but Valentina and her brother Pino together with Jeannine had already been on that track the year before. First, it was a bit tricky to find the right speed in double bends but in the end to race against the other three was very funny!

Besides, shortly after I returned from Italy, I met a friend from High School in the bus. We had not really time to talk in there, so we went to have a drink at Oberhof that same evening. The Oberhof is a lounge/bar which opened last fall and offers a cozy and calm ambiance to talk. A week later I invited Valentina for dinner at the newly openend restaurant Güterhof, located next to the Rhine. I always wait for the bus in front of that building, and even late at night, it's full to burst. When we arrived that evening, we first had to wait 15min until we got a table. Fortunately they offered us a drink at the bar. The meals were delicious and served with devotion to detail; and all in a charming atmosphere! Apart of that, the Güterhof is the first restaurant in Schaffhausen where you can eat sushi! Yamm!


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