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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Friday, August 01, 2008

Italy I

The last three weeks I spent in the hot south of Italy! To specify, I was in Veglie, a town near Lecce in Puglia. It's Valentina's hometown and her grandparents and cousins still live there. It was just great to be in a sunny place that long, especially together with Valentina!
Helvetic has several flights per week from Zurich to Brindisi, which is the nearest airport. However, we went all the way down by car, which took us about 16 hours. And then we went to the beach - each day! We had exclusive sunloungers at Bassamarea Lido Club located near Porto Cesareo. It's a beautiful club, held mainly in with and light brown. It had a nice lounge in the center and a bar for drinks, snacks and ice cream. We even had our own parking lot for the very old BMW we drove down there.
One day we went to a photographer, which had already made fotos of Valentina some years ago. Early in the morning we went to the beach where we had an one-hour photo shooting. It was great fun and that same evening we could already have a look at the fotos!


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