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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer is Here I

My birthday started as it ended 17 hours later: Valentina called me to wish me a wonderful day! I couldn't be with her all day long, as I had my last exam in Human Nutrition on that morning. My goal was to get a outstanding mark, ans this I should have reached, as far as I can estimate my effort. After the exam I returned back home to have lunch and afterwards went to see Valentina. She gave me a fair and beautiful letter and a present, but her big present has yet to come. Unfortunately I had to leave her alone, as all my food science friends met at Rote Fabrik to celebrate the end of our Bachelor Studies. The Rote Fabrik lies directly at the shores of Lake Zurich and as we could sit outside under the mighty trees, it evokes a very special atmosphere. The meals were delicious and we had good talks. But the clouds over Lake Zurich were getting darker and darker and the storm warning lamps began to light. Soon a heavy thundersturm sweeped over us and everyone who could not find any shelter was soaked to the skin after a few seconds.

On the way back home, I had to run a few times to catch the train, as I missed a streetcar and had to wait for a local train to Zurich Mainstation. I had only one minute to change tracks (from track 53 to 24), so I was lucky to know I could run 100m in 11 seconds... :-)

On friday morning Valentina surprised me when she arrived and blindfolded me during the car ride. Even after we had arrived I had to stay in this condition and she led me down some stairways until she said that I should sit down. Then she loosed the blindfold and I realised I was sitting in a boat on the way to the Rhine Fall rocks! The boatman left us when we reached the rocks and we had a romantic breaktfast amidst the thundering water mass! It was stunning, fantastic, marvellous, just awesome!

Later that day we went to eat a Coup Denmark at El Bertin and went to have dinner at the thai restaurant Lemongrass, just before it started to rain.


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