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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Sunday, May 04, 2008

6th Semester V

On May 1st, Valentina and I have been together for half a year! As she returned from her camp the day before, we were just chilaxing and in the evening we went eating pizza with her parents at the restaurant Mamma Rosa. The next day I worked for my bachelor thesis and later went to Valentina where we had BBQ with her cousin and his girlfriend after we have been in town for some ice cream (I chose rhubarb and saffron – very exotic and strange, I know).

We actually had no plans for Saturday until the morning, when we sat in the garden thinking of going to Rümlang to a kart course. But this course is indoors, and as we wanted to enjoy the beautiful and warm weather, we thought of taking a boat tour on the Rhine.

But then Valentinas grandfather had a great idea: He supports a local airfield and therefore had some vouchers for a flight. So Valentina and I took the car and in no time we were already sitting in a small four seat aircraft! After take off, we flew directly to the Rhine fall, where we turned and had a marvellous view over Schaffhausen. It was fantastic! Over Lake Constance the pilot made a parable flight, where you can feel weightlessness! Admittedly, we had quite a queasy feeling afterwards!

As we had a car, we drove up to a small artificial lake called Engeweiher. We enjoyed the warm spring evening and let the day fade away... All in all, I spent a wonderfull day with my girlfriend!


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