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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summer X

When do you feel happy? And how do you measure happiness? I thought about that quite often recently, as I had my exams and therefore I had to take a backseat to most other activities like doing sports or reading books/magazines as well as watching movies and surfing in the internet. So what makes me happy? Friends? Girls? Success? Sports? Job? Money? I think it's a good mix of all of that. But there loads of other activities and things that help to feel happy and confident. Reading, music and movies, time to think, time for myself. And this is also very important. I actually need people around me, but sometimes I only want to be alone with my thoughts. Sometimes I just imagine how things will be and what may happen in the future. Sometimes I compare all the billions of possible ways how things could turn. Sometimes I just set a goal for myself and then I give everything to reach my goal. These are things which make me happy... And I now that anticipation is the highest form of joy...

Actually I was just listening to a song that reminds me of the good time I had last fall. And again, I guess music has another big influence on my mood. There are songs I basically listen only during practice in the gym and others that make me feel sad cause they remind me of certain things...

But back to my time this week. I five exams in the last two weeks and now there is only one left on Monday. Yeah, Monday. After the exam we're going to a party to celebrate the end of the exam session. And on Tuesday my flight leaves for Vienna and then for sizzling Beijing! Damn, I can't wait anymore! Got my visa last week and now I'm ready for China! But Tokyo as well will be amazing!

I'm posting once more a Starbucks sign, as today me and Jonathan went to the new-opened Starbucks store inside of Orell Füssli at Bellevue. So you can order a delicious Frappuccino and enjoy a book right on the cozy sofas. I found a nice book called Lounge Design, where you can see the world's best lounges! Just amazing!

Besides Jonathan, Lukas and I went to Lausanne on Sunday. We just had the idea to go to Geneva or Lausanne by train. As we all had something to learn or read the six hours journey passed by quite fast. In Lausanne we had some lunch, did a short sightseeing and went to Starbucks... You wouldn't believe, but I have to change my lifestyle a little bit and one thing that I want to change is: Drink less coffee which means not going to Starbucks anymore!

Next time I'm gonna post pictures of my trip to Beijing and Tokyo! Will be back 24th of September!


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