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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer IX

Today I had my first of seven exams. We had one hour time to solve three problems in physical chemistry. I wouldn't say it way easy, but I tried my best and I solved most of them. The next exam in food technology will be in a weeks time, so it's not that stressy. The last weeks I was mainly studying in Zurich, so I don't sit alone at home, but can drink coffee and have lunch with my friends from uni. Besides Jonathan and Lukas are working at UBS in Zurich, so last week we met for a drink after work at Pur Pur. It was a nice evening and we could talk about the usual topics like girls, money (mostly money and girls depend on each other) and our future. Right now they are making quite a bit of money in the bank, working in the investment department ;-)! As for me, I can't work during the exam session. But as soon as I'm back from Asia and the fifth semester has started, I'm back at work.

On Friday me and Jonathan went to Mascotte and as we were too early, we checked out the Wings Airline Bar & Lounge at Limmatquai for a drink. This time we had no problem getting in at Mascotte and we then grabbed a seat at the lounge inside. We met two cute girls from Persia and talked to them for a long time. As they wanted to dance with us we just forgot about the last night train at 3AM and instead took the first one in the morning ;-)!

Jonathan then bought a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne on Saturday. So we met at Andy's place and had a relaxed evening. The next day I felt bored so I called Jonathan and we then spontanously decided to meet. At his place we had kind of a BBQ only for us two. Moreover our timing was just perfect because as soon as the steaks were ready a thunderstorm sweeped over Schaffhausen.

Right now I just can't be alone... I'm really longing for people to talk to me. And I take every chance to get to know people. Not much more than a week ago I got to know Jane and her friends at Domino and now I bump into her all the time... Actually no wonder, as her parents own the Café Vordergasse, where I'm walking past almost every day!


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