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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer VII

I didn't write down much here recently. And I even don't have an excuse. I was studying and working in Zurich this week as I discovered a nice library where I can learn more efficient as ever in my life... The last two weeks I was studying at home which has one really good advantage: I can do sports whenever I want to. As soon as I'm fed up with learning I can go out running or cycling or even go to the gym. But there is distraction around. I eat too much, spend too much time in the internet actually doing nothing and the worst is I go to bed late which makes me sleepy the next day. So right now I get up at 6:45 and take the 8:00 train to Zurich. This week I spent practically all my time in Zurich. Went drinking coffee at Starbucks and Tannenbar, went swimming in the Limmat, prepared a nice dinner with Livia and her roommate Janina and could have gone eating Sushi at Yoojis with Sophie and her friends... And best, I didn't care when I was at home, as I was studying for hours every day. Besides, exept for a extrem hot Monday, we had heavy rain the whole week! When I went to Livia's place I was walking trough the rain without a proper jacket so I got wet as hell!

On August 1st we celebrated Swiss National Day. So the day before, Jonathan and I went to Zurich to have some drinks before checking out a few clubs. On the way to a bar, Jonathan met a friend from Uni, so he joined us spontanously. We first went to Edi's Weinstube and talked a few minutes. Yu, which was his name, is Japanese and also a citizen of South Africa. And he even did military service down there as marine officer! Crazy, init? And best of all, he has connections to Tokyo, Japan!
We then went to Lake Side right at Lake Zurich. We haven't been on the guestlist, so we waited in the queue for one and a half hour until the bouncer said: "Sorry guys, we're completely full, you have to leave!" So we were pissed, really pissed. But we catched the next taxi we could find and headed back to town to check out some other clubs, but once again they were full to burst. Eventually we found a bar, had some drinks and stayed until 4AM when they turned on the lights. We felt hungry, so we again took a taxi to the Langstrasse where you can find food 24h a day! At 5:40 we took the train back to Schaffhausen and witnessed a wonderful sunrise! At 7AM I was home and went to bed for a few hours before we again had BBQ at a friends place.

On Saturday it was my turn to hold a party at my place! I prepared sushi, salmon sandwiches, tiramisu and many kinds of salades together with Livia and Urs, who just came to help in the afternoon as he had some business meeting later on. All in all we were more than twenty people out there and yeah, we had fun! The next morning I got up early as I couldn't sleep anymore and besides it was a beautiful day anyway. So Sophie, Jussi and I went swimming in the Rhine which was a great start into the day! I guess I have to do this more often, even though soon it's gonna be fall again...

"make money, have fun, forget reason"


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