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Lucien de Rubempré

Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer VI

As I had plenty of time and nothing to do, I participated at a research study about left-right differentiation two weeks ago. I had a brief assessment and then had to fill out some forms about my mental state and my well-being before I had to do some tests on the computer. After a little bit more than an hour I got a bookshop voucher, so I went to Orell Füssli at Bellevue where I just strolled around for a book to catch my eye. I didn't quite find what I was looking for, so I bought a Lonely Planet city guide for Beijing.
Actually I spent days in the internet looking for interesting places to go in Beijing. I was quite impressed of what I found at Flickr about The Great Wall at Jinshanling. I'm really looking forward to walk the 10km to Simatai.

Besides I finished reading "Hamlet" by Shakespeare and "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe. Both of them were fantastic! "Hamlet" I read entirely in the train but the other one was so interesting I couldn't stop reading! I somehow feel sad I already finished... For my trip to China and Japan I bought Haruki Murakami's "South of the Border, West of the Sun" but right now I have to start learning for my next exams in August and September.
Recently I met quite a few friends and we had a great time together. Last Thursday I met a friend from sports to have a drink at Fass and later on at Tabacco Lounge where I met a few more! The weekend before I met Sabine for Ice Cream and a short city tour as she is from Basel. Some hours later me and Jonathan went to Winterthur as we've actually never been out there. Again we met a friend in the train and later in a Club, so we decided to sleep at her place...

This weekend Jonathan and I went to Pontresina up in the mountains to join a friend for a mountain hike. So we walked up and up and up to the Boval SAC hut at 2495m altitude. We talked and played games until late and in the early morning we departed for Diavolezza at almost 3000m altitude. In no time we were up there even though we had to cross two glaciers and so we had some Ben & Jerry Ice Cream as reward ;-)


At 1:37 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Enjoy your walk on the Great Wall, its a great section with not as many visitors as BaDaLing. Make sure you take some good walking shoes and plenty of water.


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