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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer V

Yeah, last week was rather boring because it was once again rainy and cloudy all day long. So I decided to help a friend move from her old apartement to the new one. First we went to her to-be-flatmate and moved all her belongings from the third floor to a hired car downstairs. Then we had to take everything up to their new apartment on the fourth floor... Was pretty hard work especially as I went to the gym in the morning, so I actually had two workouts! All in all we had a great time moving all the furniture and besides I'm getting to know more and more places in Zurich ;-)

Moreover I've got some awesome news: I'm going to Beijing/CHN and Tokyo/JPN in September! As I told you long long ago I have a friend working in Beijing, so why not going to see him? :-) After five days in China I will move on to Tokyo where I'm going to meet Sophie and her friend Muriel and we for sure gonna render Tokyo unsafe! :-)
Unfortunately the flights I'm gonna take are bloody expensive which means I have to work a lot the next weeks... However I spent another fortune on clothes, bought at Blue Dog and Diesel Store Zurich.

In Zurich the Zürifäscht took place last weekend. As I was working anyway in town, I took the opportunity to have a glance. I met Sophie and we went to have some green thai curry at a very nice place somewhere up at Seefeldquai. We had our own sunlounger and a superb view over Lake Zurich with music and drinks right a few feet away. Time passed fast and soon we went back to the Bellevue to watch the firework over the Lake...

The picture I made when I once walked home early in the morning (yeah, pretty early) showing the railway bridge over the Rhine.


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