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"Unbounded ambition makes an obscure existence simply impossible for me"
Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wintersemester IV

It's already December, which means only a few days to go until we take off for Paris. More information will follow in the next posts.

I went to have my hair cut at Kopfsalat in Schaffhausen. Actually I made once a picture when it was closed...

Moreover I went twice to Winterthur in the last weeks, just for fun. I think it's Switzerlands 6th biggest city with a population of almost 100'000. Once I decided to drink coffee at Tibits by Hiltl. But then I realised I had to take the next train back to Schaffhausen.
But let's talk about coffee: Starbucks opened several new stores in Switzerland. In Zurich they opened one at Schaffhauserplatz and one in Oerlikon, where a whole suburb (Centre Zurich North) was created around Max-Bill Platz.


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