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Lucien de Rubempré

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Netherlands IV

On saturday morning we again had so much luck! We wanted to go back to Leiden to take the train to go to Den Haag. But as we paid for the hotel we got the advice to take a direct bus from Noordwijk. This is what we did. We were almost the only four people travelling to Den Haag. Then again, we had to find a hotel. At a tourist information center they recommended us the Stayokay YHA hostel. It was quite cheap but for the first time we had only dorms with six beds.

We were all hungry so we bought a meal at a Yam Yam to go and after another shopping tour we took the tram to go to Scheveningen where the most frequented beach in the Netherlands is located.

In the evening we went to eat Pizza in an Italian Restaurant before having a drink in a very chilly lounge near the water.


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