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Lucien de Rubempré

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Netherlands III

After our shopping tour we decided to go to the North Sea to relaxt at the beach. The first step was a phone call to a hostel in Noordwijk. They offered two double rooms with breakfast included for 24 Euros per person and night. No wonder we accepted! Step two was to get the train and bus tickets to Noordwijk. The woman at the ticket office at Amsterdam Centraal Station was very friendly and explained that we had to go to Leiden by train and then change to a bus. Arrived in Leiden, we organised the bustickets and soon after we were sitting in the bus to Noordwijk.

The next problem was: Where to go out? We didn't know where the hostel was so we remained in the bus until we noticed that we were already driving out of town. Then the busdriver suddenly stopped and asked where we wanted to go... We told him the name of the hotel and he just said: "No problem, just walk along this street for 7 min and you will be there". And indeed, after a 7 min walk we spotted the hostel.

We then went to the beach to have a picknick with food we bought back in Amsterdam. There was a beautiful sunset at 10:30pm and the sky was full of different colors. We almost couldn't believe how the sky could change its color!

The water was quite warm, so we decided to stay another night at the hotel so that we could spend a day at the beach!


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