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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Schaffhausen IV

Actually I wanted to write a new post some days ago, but my notebook crashed soon after I wrote the last one. So I had to change my harddisk which contains all my important data: All the pictures I made in Japan, New Zealand, Italy, even every single picture you can see here on my blog, all the movies and all the music I downloaded from the Internet (I know it's illegal now) and all my documents from university. At the end I had to pay 400 CHF to get it repaired (which is equivalent to 16 hours of work for me!).

Something more about money: My friend Michael and I already booked our flight to Stockholm in August. The detailed flight information you'll find below:

01.08.2006 06:55-09:20 Zurich-Stockholm LX1248
10.08.2006 16:40-19:00 Oslo-Zurich LX4671

The attentive among you might have noticed that 1st of August is Switzerlands national holiday! So we'll celebrate that in Sweden... :-) Maybe nobody will understand what we'll be doing but the majority of all Americans doesn't even know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland...

I almost forgot that: I did some sports recently. Last Saturday there was the SOLA-race which covers a distance of 130km in and around Zurich. You have to build teams with 14 runners who have to run distances from 4.4 to 13.5km. I had to run on top of the Uetliberg in Zurich which means I started at 460m above sealevel to get up to 873m. The entire distance was only 6.2km but including 400m hight difference. The start of the race was at 07:30 in the morning but the start to my part was at 08:45. Even though I only slept for 3 and half an hour I was so fast, I was almost flying (took me 35min to get to the top). My calfs didn't even hurt after the race.

Maybe it was because of my new Asics running shoes.

There are even two pictures (1 & 2) of me in the Internet... :-) Don't laugh! ;-)

Another thing I almost forgot! Last friday I met Sven from Lüneburg/GER whom I met in Nelson in New Zealand. He intended to come to Switzerland so we arranged to meet in Schaffhausen. We went to Café Vordergasse and had breakfast there and talked for hours!


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