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Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring Break IV

Today... I had to go to the ETH campus at Hoenggerberg by train, bus and tram BUT the train didn't come... Between Schaffhausen and Zurich the train got stucked in the snow so I had to take the next train to Winterthur where I had to take a connecting train to Zurich. BUT this way takes much longer as the normal one. At least I was in Zurich... In the train I met a girl I know from High School who had important exams at uni today. She was near tears... Moreover I had no place to sit during the one hour train ride.
So far I made it into Zurich, BUT I had to go to the Hoenggerberg campus. Therefore I took the Nr.10 tram at Central. I was at least waiting for 15 min until it eventually came. On its way up to the main campus it got stuck... Not only this, no, it couldn't even open the doors anymore because there was too much snow on the sidewalks. After another 15 min it moved and I could catch the bus at Milchbuck. When I arrived at the campus up there it was already half past 9 and I was supposed to be there at 8:15. I went to the cafeteria in the main building and read the newspaper because there was no use going to the labs anymore...

Actually I can't remember when I last saw so much snow. I mean we have 45cm of snow. On Saturday evening one of my best friends called me and asked what I was doing. He intended to go to Frauenfeld but there was so much snow even on the highways that he was driving less than 30km/h. So we went to the Surstoffbar in Schaffhausen. Then we met two other friends at the "Cut the Vinyl" party in the Orient Club. There were no cars, no buses, no taxis, no nothing on the streets when we walked home at 4:30am. There was just snow, nothing else than snow...

Saturday morning I went to the gym at Fluntern and afterwards I had a coffee at Strozzi's in Zurich.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Nina und Jelka said...

Wow bist Du viel unterwegs... Nach Berlin fahr auf jeden Fall- geile Stadt in der es sehr viel zu sehen und zu erleben gibt. War schon öfters da und werde immer wieder hin.

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