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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Random Thoughts VI

Recently I read an article in Die Weltwoche, which is a famous weekly magazine in Switzerland. The article was about the life quality in cities all over the world: The best place to live in the world is Zurich according to a quality-of-life survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.
Zurich was crowned No. 1 for the second year running based on 39 criteria that included a variety of political, social, and economic factors such as the quality of health, education, and transportation services.
And indeed I start to like Zurich more and more. It offers great opportunities for almost everything you can think of. I'm really looking forward to the summer, sitting on the edge of the lake, enjoying the warmth and the sun. Anyway, I have to stop dreaming all the time...

Top 10 Cities With the Best Quality of Life in 2005

1. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Geneva, Switzerland
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Vienna, Austria
5. Frankfurt, Germany
6. Munich, Germany
7. Dusseldorf, Germany
8. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Sydney, Australia

One thing I really like in Zurich is Stadelhofen station. The famous spanish architect Santiago Calatrava built this station in 1991 and earned much acclaim. It's near Bellevue where I've been working for a few weeks. In this area you can find the opera house, some cinemas and lot's of shopping centres. After work I usually go to Stadelhofen to catch the train there instead of taking the tram to the mainstation. It's faster and more comfortable.


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