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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Barcelona I

Note: I haven't been in Barcelona/ESP recently, but I'm gonna post the pictures I made in July 2004. It was our last school trip in High School just one day after the final exams. We spent 3 days in Barcelona and another 3 in Lloret de Mar which is more or less the party capital of the spanish mainland.
I can clearly remember we had to get up at 4:30am to get to the airport in Zurich. I think I never get up this early in my life before. So we all were slightly sleepy. But as soon as we were inside the Swiss airplane, our mood was improving. Some of us bought so many bottles of whisky in the Duty Free Shops, they couldn't bear it anymore. So everybody had to take a bottle during the flight... :-) Of course we didn't drink it at 8am! ... Hm, I think there was a friend who started drinking in the plane, so the statement is not 100% true.

The picture above I took during the bus ride from the El Prat Airport. Barcelona has a population of 1'593'000, while the population of the metropolitan area is more than 4'686'000.


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