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Lucien de Rubempré

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Switzerland VIII

1 day until holidays...
Christmas is near, no question. People rushing through the streets eagerly looking for presents, children singing christmas songs in the parks, wonderful decorated christmas trees and lovely christmas illumination can be seen everywhere.

Let's look back... One year ago, I was in Auckland. I clearly remember... Everything was so different. It was summer, the days were long and warm...

I enjoyed both kinds of christmas as I don't really like the swiss winter. But christmas without snow and coldness is like a waterbottle without water. Hope you know what I mean ;-)

This morning I boarded the Cisalpino Train in Schaffhausen to Zurich. This train departs in Stuttgart in Germany, enters Switzerland stops in Schaffhausen and Zurich and goes straight through the Alps to Milano in Italy. But it doesn't stop! It goes on and on to Verona and Venice... Maybe if someday the desire to go south is strong enough I wont get out the train until Venice... I would only pay for the train in Italy, so why not? :-)

Right, if you want to see Zurich in a beautiful christmas atmosphere, go to this blog where you can find a short lovely video! Or click on this LINK!

Above: Illumination at Zurich mainstation


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