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Lucien de Rubempré

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Switzerland IV

On Sunday I went to Zurich with two friends from university. One friend is actually from Mexico but he went to a german school there, so his german is perfect. And I had to recognize that he even knew more about Zurich then I did. Okey, he came to Zurich in fall 2004, so no wonder... :-) Anyway... We strolled around and my friends showed me some interesting places. Quite amusing to be like a tourist in a city only 30 min away from your home.
Unquestionably the highlight of the day was a shop called GLOBUS.

On the ground floor there is a food shop with lots of exclusiv high quality products. And they always offer you tiny bits (this is to evoke the feeling in you: Wow, it's soooo delicious, I have to buy it...). So we could try Sushi (of course for free) as well as very expensive oil from Italy and some famous swiss chocolates...

I need to go one more time... :-) ...As soon as possible

On the pictures you can see Zurich's tallest buildings (the tallest of the four is 92m), some dried fruits (they are expensive; almost overpriced!) and a Starbucks Coffee at "Rennweg" in Zurich.


At 7:50 AM, Anonymous chika said...

hi, Adrian. sorry for writnig this after I said that.
But just I wanted to say you are living in such a beautiful city. happy to see those photos and know you are doing well in your uni.
Chika :-)

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