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Lucien de Rubempré

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Japan III

Something about japanese food: It's very tasty (^o^) ...ehm.. I mean delicious! Whereas chinese, thai and indian food is quite popular in Switzerland, we don't have a lot of japanese restaurants. In my hometown there isn't even a single one. maybe it's because we don't have sea and therefore it's bloody expensive to get fresh seafood. Anyway, i tried several dishes in Japan. From okonomiyaki to takoyaki, subiyaki to hiroshimayaki, from sushi to sashimi, from natto to toro, from tofu to miso, udon to ramen noodles, yatuhashi and greentea... oh it was great.

So, i'm thinking to open a japanese restaurant in Schaffhausen...

Pictures from above:
1. Different dishes in a restaurant in shinjuku
2. Japanese style tables
3. Very expensive sushi... mmmmh....


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